The Happy Harper's

The Happy Harper's

Thursday, 3 November 2016

~Last Days~

Well we are nearing the end of our lovely vacation. We have had the most fantastic time away and have loved staying in this beautiful Arizona resort! 

The park has so many amenities to offer, it even has its own softball field!

We love playing night tennis when it's a bit cooler! 

One morning we had a visitor to "our" pool! Apparently he was enjoying it just about as much as we were as he didn't want to leave! 

One evening we took a drive through Old Town Scottsdale

We enjoyed another fun night at the bowling alley! 

We are going to miss our hot, sunny days by the pool :(

Arizona has about 10 days of rain a year. This morning we had one of them. We had thunder, lightning and heavy rain for a short while. The sun had dried up most of it by the time we were ready for the pool!


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