The Happy Harper's

The Happy Harper's

Wednesday, 11 October 2017


We rented this beautiful home in a lovely neighbourhood for our vacation this year.

Back yard

The pool area is just a short drive/ bike ride away.

The pool is around 27 degrees and "oh so lovely"!!

There is a sand volleyball court, a basketball area and a field where the boys can play baseball etc...

A very relaxing first few days :)

Monday, 9 October 2017

~Back at it again. California trip 2017~

A beautiful, sunny day to start our trip this year and a bonus of bumping into Dad and Mum on the ferry who were on their way to Vernon.  We will miss Jess and Becky SO much though!!!

We have not seen a sunny Seattle for many years. So pretty!

Mount Baker looking stunning.

So many changes since two years ago.....Mount Shasta with no snow on it, and....

Lake Shasta with water in it!!

A beautiful sunset, and....

A gorgeous full moon!

So sad to see all the burnt fields from all the wildfires.

What a beautiful first couple days!!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

~Last Days~

Well we are nearing the end of our lovely vacation. We have had the most fantastic time away and have loved staying in this beautiful Arizona resort! 

The park has so many amenities to offer, it even has its own softball field!

We love playing night tennis when it's a bit cooler! 

One morning we had a visitor to "our" pool! Apparently he was enjoying it just about as much as we were as he didn't want to leave! 

One evening we took a drive through Old Town Scottsdale

We enjoyed another fun night at the bowling alley! 

We are going to miss our hot, sunny days by the pool :(

Arizona has about 10 days of rain a year. This morning we had one of them. We had thunder, lightning and heavy rain for a short while. The sun had dried up most of it by the time we were ready for the pool!

Saturday, 29 October 2016

~A Visit with Friends~

Our Arizona days always end in such beautiful sunsets! 

Only a few states have "In N Out" burger and Arizona happens to be one of them - woohoo!

Our good friends Vic and Cathy were able to join us for a few days. Always lots of fun with them:)

One of the nights we went 10 pin bowling. What a blast we all had! 

Of course we had to get our pool fix!

Our last night together was spent with a poolside picnic

Thanks for coming to see us Vic and Cathy!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Family, Fans, and Fair Fun

My lovely parents had the opportunity to come down and join us for a week so that was wonderful! 

One warm Arizona evening, we all decided to go watch a live baseball game! The Arizona fall league plays 6 weeks a year and each team features all the top prospects hoping to get into the MLB. Our game was the Scottsdale Scorpions vs the Mesa Solar Sox

We decided to cheer for the Solar Sox as they had two Toronto Blue Jays prospects and being was a given to cheer for them! Although he was on the Scorpions team, it was also fun to watch Tim Tebow try his hand at professional baseball! After leaving his football career Tebow turned to pro baseball and it was neat to watch a much talked about player take the field! 

It was a great game, and "our" team ended up winning 12-2!

Cool drinks are a must on these HOT sunny days! This is how we take our smoothies to the pool :)

We spent one afternoon at the Arizona State Fair. We had planned on coming to the fair, paying full entry and paying an extra fee on top of that to watch a concert that night. However in true Harper form we found out that we could bring in 4 canned items to the food bank to get in for free, which also then included free admission to the concert!! So needless to say what would have been a $178 day ended up costing only $17.48 - for all 9 of us!! So here we are holding our can filled bags!

The girls had been so looking forward to seeing Scotty McCreery in concert! He is their favourite country singer and it was an absolute must to see him when we realized he'd be in Arizona at the same time we were! 

The concert was such a blast and we had the BEST night! What a talented young musician! 

Every afternoon is spent in the pool 

Relaxing in our "home"

Pickleball is one of our favourite nighttime activities! 

We had such a great time with my parents and are SO happy they were able to join us for some Arizona fun :)